Croy motorhome pitch

Who would not want to be woken up by the singing of birds, surrounded by meadows, woods and the murmur of a creek on their holiday? There is room for fifteen motorhomes at the Croy motorhome pitch, a small-scale campsite in the centre of the greenness of Croy Castle. Its unique layout of two roundabouts offers every paved pitch a beautiful view of the surrounding estate. In addition, this new motorhome pitch site (opened in 2021) distinguishes itself with its spacious pitches, good amenities, plenty of great geocaches and numerous hiking and cycling routes. In other words: the ideal base for exploring the Land van de Peel.

Kasteel Croy

Estate, castle and surrounding area

The 15th-century Croy Castle is also known for its unique surrounding landscape where it is possible to go hiking or cycling. For example, there is the only remaining Hagelkruis (hail cross) monument in the Netherlands, which in earlier times was believed to fend off damage to crops by hail. The motorhome pitch is also located next to national cycling junction and walking tour networks. This means that the Vincent van Gogh cycle route, as well as other, goes past Croy. The cycling junction maps in the information booth will show you the right route. The centre of Helmond is a stone’s throw away, and the cycling junctions will take you to the Van Gogh village of Nuenen or the bustling city of Eindhoven. If going on foot, the Stiphoutse Bossen nature reserve is recommended. And the best part is that the woods are just around the corner!

Geocaching and other activities

Other fun places of interest in the area are the Boerenbondsmuseum (Agricultural Museum) in Gemert, the Edah supermarket museum in Helmond and the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen. Cyclists like to explore the 1500 hectares of the Strabrechtse Heide. Or you can go geocaching, a treasure hunt that combines the real world with the digital world, based on GPS coordinates. An earlier guest states that this is one of the reasons to choose this motorhome pitch (more often): “A beautifully laid out location with a good wifi connection, a nice hot shower and plenty of great geocaches in the area. We will certainly come back!”

Croy motorhome pitch

Our rurally situated motorhome pitch serves as an excellent base for exploring the surrounding area. We are open year-round and can therefore provide you with details about the best seasonal activities in the area. Our motorhome pitch opened in August 2021 – a sideline to our cattle farm. This means we are not only figuratively linked to this location and the surrounding area but also literally know the best places of the Croy estate and the surrounding area. Many can be found through geocaching, which makes it wonderful to search here.


    1. Extensive amenities
    2. Ideal base for cycling, hiking and geocaching
    3. Cycling distance from Eindhoven and Helmond
    4. Great view of the surrounding country estate
    5. Paved pitches

Hiking and cycling in the area

Our guests come for relaxation and the greenery, but various cycling and hiking routes passing by our location make you want to explore the area –  towards Helmond, for example, or the Van Gogh Village Nuenen or charming Eindhoven. De Groote Peel National Park is to the east, the beautiful Strabrechtse Heide (heathland) to the south: both Walhallas for lovers of cycling, hiking and/or nature. And, just around the corner, you have the Stiphoutse Bossen (Stiphoutse Woods), where you can spot roe deer and kingfishers!

Pitches with a great view

Croy motorhome pitch is located on the estate that belongs to Croy Castle. Our fifteen paved pitches are spaced out around two roundabouts, which means each pitch can enjoy the view. The lanes are covered with grass mats, and each pitch has its own private field of grass.

All the trimmings

The entire site has good wifi. You can drain your waste water and cassette toilet as well separate your waste, which is entirely in keeping with our green image. Our hot showers (for a fee) are very popular among our guests. The enthusiasm shown by our guests about us (and our amenities) gives us great pride …